JVDine Scrub (Microbicidal Scrubbing Solution)


Povidone – Iodine IP 7.5% w/v (available iodine 0.75% w/v)

Purified Water IP qs.


Degerming of the skin pre and post operatively for all surgical procedures for the antiseptic treatment of superficial wounds, traumatic injuries, burns, vaginal preparation prior to a surgical procedures etc.

Further Information

JV Dine Scrub antiseptic solution has a rapid and prolonged germicidal action against a wide spectrum of pathogenic organism including both gram positive and gram negative bacteria, fungi, protozoa, and viruses.

It is also active against bacterial spores. In the presence of blood, serum, purulent exudates and necrotic tissue, its activity persists as long as the colour remains. The golden brown colour serves to highlight the disinfected areas.

Direction for use

Should be applied full strength, as often as required, as a paint or wet soak.


Store protected from light at a temperature not exceeding 30°C

Packaging Size

100ml, 500ml, 2 Litres