Welcome To JV Healthcare

It's an honour and privilege to introduce ourselves as one of the leading Manufacturers of Liquid Topical and Surface Disinfectants and Janitorial Service Provider across South Gujarat under the name of JV Healthcare.

The factory is built as to match the International Standards of Manufacturing, resulting in the best quality world class products.

The disinfectants manufactured under the Allopathic Drug License are very well technically blended and used for Janitorial Services with 100% efficacy to segments like Hospitals, Hospitality, Corporate Offices, Drugs Manufacturing Companies. The unique know how of blending of products and its coverage over the bacteria, virus, parasites and now a days especially Covid is up to mark of excellence.

We are awarded with GMP by FDCA, ISO. 9001 and 13485.

All the manufacturing facilities, processes and equipment’s related to Janitorial Services are state of the Art, resulting in best quality of the product and services rendered.

Our aim is to cater and offer our services to those regional and multi-national companies who are completely deep rooted in marketing their own brand across the globe. We are also actively involved in domestic and international government tenders and exclusive exports to Asian and African countries. We are having a trained and qualified team for the Janitorial services providing services across South Gujarat. We also train regional companies across India for Janitorial Services who are into products supplies thus enhancing their business volumes adding a feather of additional services.